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What's on your mind? Suggestions, praise, complaints, questions?

Do you have suggestions about ways that PSA can improve and serve our members better?

We are an inclusive group and we welcome your suggestions, your praise and your complaints.  While you can leave comments anonymously, we do require that comments are always courteous and respectful.  If you would like a response, please do include your contact information.  

Please click here to go to the "What's on your mind?" form. 

Thanks for improving PSA!


I'm a PSA Member and I Want to Volunteer

PSA is a volunteer-run organization and we can use your help.

All of our members have experiences and skills that can help PSA with the many tasks that are required to keep the organization running smoothly.  

If you have a specific skill or knowledge that could help PSA, please complete this form and we will connect you to the Committee that can best use your help.

Thanks for helping PSA as we near our 100th year!



Committee Chairs - Do you need volunteer help?


Members will volunteer when they have all the details about what is being asked of them.  No one wants to accept a task that is open-ended, vaguely defined, or requires a large percentage of their free time.

Please be very clear and specific about the skills needed, if there is training available, whether this is a one-time job, or a repeating task, and how many hours the volunteer can expect to put in for PSA.  

Instead of one time-consuming, labor-intensive job, can the task be broken into smaller components and given to 2 or 3 volunteers instead of one?

Is this a task that would be more efficient and fun if several people were working together?

Will the volunteer be supported by you (or the PSA leadership)? Who can the go to for support, questions, praise and guidance?  

Complete this form to be matched with member volunteers.