PSA Founding Charter Members

PSA Founding Charter Members

Benjamin C. Brown was the visionary who, with the enthusiasm and help from the next 8 artists on this list, created a new art society - dedicated to high artistic standards that were not compromised by the social convention of the day. The originating group were soon joined by seven more local talents and the resulting group became the first incarnation of the Pasadena Society of Artists.

We are in the process of researching, compiling and accumulating materials about our history and former artists. If you have any information that you think would be helpful, we would greatly appreciate it if you would share it with us. Please contact: Robert Crook, PSA Historian

  • Benjamin C. Brown 1865-1942

  • Edward B. Butler 1853-1928

  • Maud Daggett 1885-1941

  • Antoinette DeForest Merwin 1861-1941

  • Louis Hovey Sharp 1874-1946

  • F. Carl Smith 1868-1955

  • Orrin A. White 1883-1969

  • Wallace Leroy De Wolf 1854 - 1930

  • Frederick Zimmerman 1886-1974

  • Herbert V. B. Acker 1895-1977

  • F. Tolles Chamberlin 1873-1961

  • Alison S. Clark 1876-1948

  • John "Jack" Frost 1890-1927

  • Jean Mannheim 1861-1945

  • Katherine B. Stetson 1885-1979

  • Marion Wachtel 1876-1954