Summer Party - 2018

PSA members Robert Van Nguyen, Rhonda Raulston, Patricia Jessup-Woodlin with special guests Joseph, Maurine and Chuck

PSA members Patricia Jessup-Woodlin, Richard Pina, Jackie Steimke

The party is really getting going now

New member Rosina Maize about to present her art to the members

Richard & Robert enjoying the great food and drink

Rosina Maize, Jackie Steimke, R. Rene Hoffman, Bill Steimke, Renee Rusak Strouse, Mims Ellis enjoying a cool corner and good conversations

Special guests Maurine St. Gaudens, Joseph Morsman, party host Bernie Kane and PSA President Victor Picou

Mims Ellis, new member Karen Holgerson and husband

New member Karen Holgerson presenting her watercolors

New member Maryellen Eltgroth presenting her photography

Special guests Joseph Morsman and Maurine St. Gaudens presenting their new four volume book “Emerging from the Shadows; A Survey of Women Artists Working in California, 1860-1960”