Biographical Information:
I was born in New York City and raised in Southern California. I majored in fine arts at Pasadena City College and attended Art Center on a scholarship. After a short period in the entertainment industry, I worked as a sales representative for eighteen years and raised my son Michael.

I’ve had the opportunity to have my work displayed at the J. Paul Getty Underground Exhibition in Brentwood, California in 2003 where I was a docent for five years. I’m a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists and the Verdugo Hills Art Association.

I had the opportunity of being a board member of the Brand Associates of the Brand Library and Art Center for seven years.

Artist’s Statement:
My medium is watercolor and I love the transparency of it. Watercolor is not easy and I am constantly amazed at the things I learn when I run into problems. Solving them always brings something new and exciting to the image. I believe that art is a necessity and not a luxury. It fills our souls and brightens our spirits. It’s hard for me to imagine a rich and fulfilling life without the inspiration of artists and the art they create.

For me, painting is a marvelous tool of self-expression. It is reproducing life in a brighter and interesting way! It surpasses any digital photograph. A painting creates a mood and a feeling and stimulates our imagination. What a more wonderful way to experience life!