Biographical Information:
Francis Robin is a native of Southern France. During his teens Frank gained his first rock carving experience making tombstones. One day while on lunch break, he was given a piece of Carrara marble. From that day on, he was inspired to make many visits to Italy where he learned the basic specialized skills of carving.
Frank came to United State 1963 and took his first job in New York City at the Plaza Hotel decorating the banquet rooms and creating ice sculptures. He moved to Los Angeles in 1965 and worked for 35 years in the motion picture industry. Limited time prevented Frank from actually sculpting, but when he could, he kept himself busy working with clay, making molds, developing patinas, and welding. After retiring from the studio, Frank ventured into our local desert, hauled out a 300lb piece of verde antique marble and the sculpting never ended.

Artist Statement:
To me, sculpture best depicts forms of themes of the natural world. If the stone talks to me, then we're friends, and the relationship begins.

I prefer creating representational pieces that portray the human figure and other living things. I also like to experiment with abstraction. There is nothing like carving on a piece of stone until a new life is revealed, pushing the it Carrara marble, granite, or alabaster...bring it on!

2000 to 2008:
Pasadena Society of Artists,
California Sculptors
Teale Street Sculpture Studio
Burbank Creative Arts Center
Beverly Hills Art Walk
Pasadena Lapidary Society.
Culver City Rock and Gem.
Marble Marble Colorado

Awards & Honors:
2008 Honorable Mention - California Sculptors Symposium, Cambria
2007 Honorable Mention - California Sculptors Symposium, Cambria
2003 First Place in Stone - California Sculptors Symposium, Cambria

2005 Pasadena Society of artists (PSA)
2002 Pasadena Lapidary Society
2004 Culver City Rock & Mineral Club
2002 California Federation of Mineralogical Societies [CFMS]

Teale Street Studio, Robert Cunningham Workshops, CA
International Carving Symposium. Camp Brotherhood, WA
Thetis Island Stone Sculptors Symposium, Vancouver, Canada
Arco Arte Sculpture, Master Butros, Carrara, Italy
Marble Marble, CO