Biographical Information:
Growing up in Larchmont, New York, I always enjoyed drawing and painting, but chose to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, rather than the art world. Now, following success as a writer/producer, I have returned to my first love; painting.

Artist Statement:
Inspired by photographers, such as Dorothea Lange, John Vachon, Frank Stallings, Mae Weems, and images capturing the Dust Bowl and Depression eras, I tackled a number of mixed media folk art pieces, incorporating acrylic paint and fabric on plywood, to create what I collectively call the “Heartland Series," while my love of dogs inspired my whimsical “Canine Series” of mixed media folk art pieces, portraying clothed pups posing in a variety of landscapes, including a few landmarks featured on my Instagram page (
Currently, my “Facescape Series” of acrylic paintings on canvas features portraits of friends and neighbors I have come to know and appreciate as I attempt to capture the depth of their character, especially through their eyes.
As a self-taught artist, what is most exciting is what I discover with each series, and each new painting. Indeed, the freedom to experiment with different brushes while mixing/diluting paint colors often results in what I like to call “happy accidents” that create beauty while inspiring a technique that I can exercise in my next work of art. Consequently, when asked what I would consider to be my favorite painting, my reply is always “My next...!”

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