Biographical Information:

My life and work reflect the melding that comes from living with equal measure in East Tennessee, New York City and Los Angeles, with the added spice of world travel and a career in the motion picture industry. I learned to paint in the time-honored way: painting scores of duplications of the Masters, and then attending workshops and locking myself in my studio.

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to subjects that explore layers of awareness and visual perception - urban still lifes that meld foreground images with reflections; floral portraits that take the viewer deep into an intimate center, and portraits of people who have either retreated to some unknown interior space or who challenge the viewer with a direct look. What is unnoticed? What are they thinking?

In my encaustic paintings, I am also fascinated with images in the natural world that have the imprint of mankind and must be observed from a vast distance in order to see the relationships of repeated forms and patterns. Layering and polishing the pigmented encaustic creates a depth of clarity and a richness of color that I use as the basis of my paintings, and allows me to create with textures, symbols, color, line drawings and three-dimensional objects - opening a gateway to discovery in the process.

Painting is my expression of gratitude for the beauty and wonder of life that I see every day - beauty in those crystalline moments that stop the head-long rush through my day and bring me to a quiet place of profound appreciation for my life and my environment.

Group Exhibitions:
2018 - IEA / LAXWAX - "A Moment in Time" - Santa Clarita City Hall, Santa Clarita, CA (July 18 - November 14, 2018. Artists' Reception: Wednesday, July 25 from 6:30p-8:30p.
2018 - IEA / LAXWAX - "Everything That Is Solid" - Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Blackboard Gallery, Camarillo , CA (March 29 - April 28, 2018)
2018 - Pasadena Society of Artists: 93rd Annual Juried Exhibiton, Montrose (April 1 - 28)

2017 - IEA / LAXWAX Annual Exhibition - "Illuminations" - Chaffey Community Museum of Art, Ontario (July 27 - October 1, 2017)
2017 - Pasadena Society of Artists: The Fine Art of Assemblage, Collage, Encaustic & Glass, Towns-Burr Gallery, Burbank (August 5-19, 2017)
2017 - Pasadena Society of Artists: 91st Annual Juried Exhibition - White's Gallery, Montrose, CA
(Juror: Toby Tannenbaum) (April 1 - 30)
2017 - SOPA Studios - "Texture, Textile and Text" - South Pasadena

2016 - SOPA Studios - "Transformations" - South Pasadena
2016 - Pasadena Society of Artists: 91st Annual Juried Exhibition - White's Gallery, Montrose, CA
(Juror: James Morphesis) (June 7-25)
2016 Pasadena Society of Artists Juried Spring Show - White's Gallery, Montrose, CA (Juror: Clovis Blackwell)
(April 5-April 30)
2016 Pasadena Society of Artists Spring Artists' Choice Exhibition, Blinn House - Women's City Club, Pasadena, CA (March 4 - June 3)

2015 "5 x 5 at I-5 Gallery" - I-5 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2015 PSA "Artists Choice Exhibition" - Blinn House (Women's City Club), Pasadena, CA
2015 PSA "Artists Choice Exhibiton" - Burbank Creative Arts Gallery, Burbank, CA

2014 PSA "89th Annual Juried Exhibition" - Segil Fine Arts Gallery, Monrovia, CA
2014 SOPA Studios - "Portraiture...and Other Stuff" - SOPA Studios, South Pasadena
2014 PSA "Curiosity" Exhibition, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena
2014 SOPA Studios - "Paper & Glass Cutwork" - South Pasadena
2014 SOPA Studios - "The Creative Seed" - South Pasadena
2014 PSA Artists' Choice Exhibition - South Pasadena Library

2013 “Embodiment of the Human Spirit”, Alhambra City Hall Art Gallery, Alhambra
2013 PSA 88th Annual Juried Exhibition- da Center for the Arts, Pomona
2013 Pasadena Museum of History - Museums of the Arroyo, Pasadena
2013 SOPA Studios - "Then & Now" - South Pasadena

2012 SOPA Studios - "The Art of Encaustic" - featured artist, South Pasadena
2012 PSA "Self Portraits" exhibition, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena
2012 Gallery 207 "Rock Paper Scissors" All Medium Art Show, Gallery 207, Santa Ana
2012 PSA "Inner Truth" Exhibition, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena
2012 PSA 87th Annual Juried Exhibition, Creative Arts Center, Burbank
2011 PSA "Points of View" Exhibition, Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena
2011 PSA 86th Annual Juried Exhibition, Citibank ArtSpace, Los Angeles
2010 PSA 2nd Annual Artists' Choice, Citibank Artspace, Los Angeles
2010 PSA "Between the Lines", Pasadena Central Library, Pasadena
2010 PSA 85th Annual Juried Exhibition, Viva Gallery, Sherman Oaks
2009 PSA Artists' Choice Exhibition, Citibank Artspace, Los Angeles
2009 PSA 84th Annual Juried Exhibition, VIVA Gallery, Sherman Oaks
2009 ASC Heart Exhibition; AIDS Service Center, Pasadena
2008 PSA Holiday Exhibition; VIVA, Sherman Oaks
2008 PSA Holiday Exhibition; VIVA, Sherman Oaks
2007 PSA 82nd Annual; VIVA Gallery, Sherman Oaks
2006 PSA 81st Annual, VIVA Gallery, Sherman Oaks
2006 San Gabriel Spring Exhibition, San Gabriel

Awards & Honors:
2010 People's Choice Award and Honorable Mention "Woman in Orange" A.C.E. (Artist's Choice Exhibition) PSA juried show
2010 People's Choice Award "Desert Lotus: Abundance" A.C.E. (Artist's Choice Exhibition) PSA juried show
2008 Honorable Mention Award "Lemons of Tuscany" VIVA Gallery, PSA Juried show
2008 2nd place - Still Life "Sunday Afternoon" San Gabriel Fine Arts Assoc.

International Encaustic Artistss
Encaustic Arts Institute
Pasadena Society of Artists
Portrait Society of America