Biographical Information:
Venezuelan born, Marinés Adrianza is a self taught multidisciplinary artist.  Her work finds inspiration in her passion for macro photography and her studies of human behavior and emotion.  She considers her studio a laboratory for experimenting with mediums and techniques.

Adrianza utilizes layers of paint mixed with many materials such as oil sticks and graphite to represent, visual, psychological or emotional aspects of life.  She is interested in the rhythmic gestures of the body while painting. Each piece she creates is a path, a process of discovery and exploration. She invites viewers to immerse themselves in the colors, textures, and forms that make up her work, hoping to evoke an emotional response, to create a connection that transcends the boundaries of language and culture.  

Her work was been shown in galleries across the country and collected internationally as well. She’s been most recently featured in the City of Los Angeles Latino Heritage Month Calendar, VoyageLA Magazine, Bold JourneyMagazine, Canvas Rebel Magazine,  Create! Magazine, Juniper Rag Magazine and Women United Art Magazine.

When she’s not involved in the making or contemplation of art, she is teaching and furthering her sensory education in the kitchen or in the wild with her two children in Los Angeles, CA.

Artist Statement:
In my artistic path, I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in the imperfect, the unfinished, and the evolving. This mindset has allowed me to loosen my grip on preconceived notions of what art should be and has encouraged me to explore my artistic language and experiment with it. What I find most exciting about my work is the freedom I gift myself while working on a project. I recreate colors, textures, aromas, forms, emotions and macro memories of my childhood and present time.

Art became my shelter and  a medium through which I process and communicate my emotions and inner workings.  Drawing inspiration from the intricate world of macro photography, I blend it with my observations of human behavior, nature, and emotions.  During my walks, I capture tiny details of nature, not just for inspiration but also to cultivate a deeper connection with my surroundings. I also like to leave room for the viewer’s own processes and imagination. I hope they find moments to wonder through my work and experience discovery.

My studio is a vibrant laboratory where I use my hands and my most introspective moments to express myself, using the medium I decide to explore in the moment. Whether it's acrylic paint, watercolors, oil sticks, graphite, wax, clay, or textiles, I find myself in the constant search to inhabit new materials. This exploration allows me to comfortably use these elements as a new language to convey my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Wild Things
Wild Things is a body of works that explores the enigmatic essence of flora and “funga”. I like observing their teachings as a system and species on their own, exploring the moments when the natural world undergoes a transformative journey to make me wonder about growth, decay and the unknown. Through this work I explore metaphors of the delicate interplay between life and mortality.  I consider this series a contemplation of the profound connections that tether humans to nature's cycles and what emerges when we embrace the ever-shifting flow of life in all its facets.

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