Artist Statement:
The process of using form, texture, color, motion, and design intuitively is what moves me to create.  I enjoy creating art which challenges the viewer to feel, imagine, and daydream along with me, the artist. 

My artwork consists of four focal areas: floral, landscape, portrait, and abstract. My florals and landscapes fuse realism and fantasy, while my portraits wish to express something deep about the personalities, feelings, and/or social conditions of the people I choose to paint.  My abstract work is generally composed of colorful repetitive patterns and shapes set against a more neutral background. 

I currently work in water-based media and collage but will soon work again in oil and acrylic.  My short list of favorite artists includes Raphael and Rembrandt, the Impressionists (especially Cezanne), the Fauves, Kandinsky and Klee, the Group of Seven and Zoltan Szabo.