Biographical Information:
Born in Detroit, raised in suburban Chicago, but, molded by a long stint outside Los Angeles (Via Tucson).  Photography has been a thread through my life.   Woven in has been video work, silk screen printing, digital imaging and being a stay at home dad to two kids.  An image is what I create, starting 50 years ago with film and chemistry, and now with pixels and ink but Light is always a player.  My mantra: “The Image Is Everything.”

Artist Statement
My first job was at a photofinishing plant.  I printed the pictures that came from the thousands upon thousands of rolls of film that people had dropped off at their local drugstore, or camera shop, or wherever they left the film from the birthday party, vacation, graduation, road trip, wedding or even a mystery roll found in a drawer.  Decades before everyone had a digital camera in their pocket.

This look into peoples’ personal lives offered me a window into what people wanted to remember and keep a record of.  An image that generated laugh or a tear were the sign of a favorite picture.  These were hard copies of memories. They instill emotions and make you think.  They invite you in.   

My work, though digital in nature, draws upon my imaging past life in the wet darkroom and a period of Silk Screen Printing.  I strive to make unique images and I have no other purpose in mind than to make myself happy with my creations.  That someone else might find a connection in it, is a nice bonus.                                                    

To me, The Image Is Everything.