Gabriele is a self-taught artist born and raised in Brazil, currently living in Los Angeles-CA. Graduated in Advertising and Publicity as an attempt to have a parallel career but still related to art.


I've been surrounded by art my whole life, especially because my mother and aunt are also artists. Brushes, paints, and many other art supplies have been part of my everyday routine just like forks and knives, they are all tools to help me feed both my body and soul.

I define myself as an experimental artist as I enjoy using different materials and techniques. When it comes to painting, I lean towards hyper-realism, because in my mind, it allows me to improve my skills well enough to paint something that looks like a photograph. If I can accomplish that, I feel like I can grow as an artist and continue to challenge myself.

My favorite materials to work with are oil, mixed media, colored pencil and most recently, watercolor.