Biographical Information:
Darien Donner was born in Rome in 1963 into an artistic family.  Her father, Gaetano Pompa, was a prolific surrealistic painter and sculptor. Her mother went to photography school in Munich.  In this rich art environment, Darien starts to draw and paint since early age.  After working for many years as a textile designer in Rome, she moved to the United States in 1995, where she earned a master degree in education, became an elementary school teacher and taught public school from 2003 to 2015.  Painting and drawing continued to be big part of her creative life while teaching.

In 2015 she decides to dedicate herself fully to art.

Artist Statement:
“I was raised in an artistic family where art was everywhere and being created constantly. Art is the essential theme that defined the world I grew up in, and I communicate by creating art through paintings, drawings, and collage Art is both revealing and a statement of fact in the moment it’s created, so it seems to me as I express myself through art I look back on the work, and the work reveals to me new aspects I didn’t know before”.  

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