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Artist Statement
Ever since I was young, I enjoyed creativity. I was born with autism and deafness. I further developed my craft at The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and earned my degree in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

My art was my ability to express my point of view as a disabled person. A deaf person experiences the world with their eyes, not their ears and an autistic person experiences the world with their five senses more strongly than the neurotypical. My deafness has given me the ability to see the world’s beauty that I translate into my art. Through my application, I try to use photography as references, vibrant uses of color and broad strokes similar to the way my autism allows me to feel emotions strongly. I hope people will see from my art the deaf perspective, the autistic perspective and the disabled perspective through storytelling of places, and my application of medium. 

The process of painting is just as impactful and enjoyable to me as the outcome. I like to see how the painting comes out. I have a general vision for how I hope the painting comes out but I let go and let the creative process in itself take over. My paintings are on technical skill and style rather than that of complete realism or complete abstraction. 

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