Born in Iran, I grew up playing on Persian rugs. Mesmerized by their intricate design and rich colors, I admired the meticulous dexterity and artistic brilliance with which each knot was woven and was intrigued by the creative process involved in design calculation and color configuration. I was an introspective curious child but the oppressive environment I grew up in, did not nurture questioning and exploring. Subdued emotions, blind obedience and fear were encouraged instead. Art became my only safe haven to find solace in and an only mean to express myself freely in a safe but symbolic manner. In my creative process today, I take a playful approach in combining labyrinthine geometric designs with organic forms and outbursts of vivid colors to depict my own paradoxical nature of conformity and rebellion. The medium I use, dip pen and acrylic ink, makes my process meticulous and ritualistic and allows my painting to become a form of meditative psychoanalysis.

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