Pasadena Society of Artists

Membership Opportunities

Become a PSA Member

New Member Screenings for the Pasadena Society of Artists are held twice a year. The next PSA New Member Screening will held April 16, 2016. Please contact Marion Dies (below) for details on the date, address and time. If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the Membership Inquiry Form (use the link on the left) and contact our Director of Membership: Marion Dies Include your name, full address and phone number in your e-mail correspondence. You will receive instructions and an application. There is a one-time entry fee of $15.00. You may also download the application here: New Member Application. Members who are accepted for membership are required to pay annual dues of $48.00. Qualifications considered for membership include the applicant's dedication to artistic standards of excellence, professionalism, accomplishments, skills that benefit the Society and the artist's future potential. Applicants submit three pieces of artwork representing current media and style, created in the past two years. Artwork submitted is judged by presentation, talent and originality. Please note that the jurying process is solely for the purpose of screening candidates for potential membership to PSA and is not a formal portfolio review nor a written critique. From time to time, however, we do have Portfolio Reviews and invite artists to participate. Please check "In the News" on our Home Page regularly for events, or join our mailing list (also on the Home page). Benefits of Membership:

  • Exhibit your artwork in galleries, museums, public centers, and other venues in 2 large society-wide exhibitions and 3 to 4 themed or media specific exhibitions annually.
  • Continue to develop your abilities through participation in events such as our monthly Art Salons.
  • Participate in art-focused programs, workshops and demonstrations to further develop your technique and your promotional skills.
  • Be listed on the PSA website: four artworks, bio, artist statement, resume and link to your personal website and email.
  • Access the PSA web site Members Only resources.
  • Participate in PSA's annual portfolio project
  • Network with other artist professionals in the community.
  • Enjoy our 91-year reputation as a significant artist society in Pasadena.
  • Learn the aspects of organizing exhibitions, presenting programs, and running an artist organization through volunteering in PSA activities.