INSTRUCTIONS for filling out the entry form for:

Virtual PSA Version 2020.07.01
PSA’s 1st Online Exhibition and Catalog

Exhibition Details:

• We will be using the online interactive catalog, ISSUU, to be hosted on our website, and have a print-on-demand catalog available for purchase. The printed catalogs will be 8.5 x 11” vertical, just like previous catalogs. Link will be provided when it’s ready to order.

• Accepting entries from June 13 to June 21. The Exhibition will run July 2020.

• One artwork will be accepted per artist, and no entry fees charged. Please submit one work only.

Please Follow These Steps Before Filling Out Form:

(Tip- works best on a desktop or laptop computer because of photo requirements.)

• Have your Artwork Statement, 25 words minimum and 150 words maximum, ready to copy and paste into the form.

• Have your price, contact info, media, and link to website or online ecommerce ready.

• Have your artwork photo to upload.

• Follow the Photo Technical Specifications and File Naming below carefully before applying.

Photo Technical Specifications:

• File Type: TIF, EPS, PDF, JPG

• File Dimensions:

Long side of image 7 inches or 2100 pixels.  Large high resolution file, minimum of 6MB. All submitted images need to be in focus, no reflections on glass and without picture frame if possible.  Best view of 3-D artwork, background needs to be plain.  Image of artwork should fill frame as much as possible, without distortion.  Images that do not meet the specifications will not be used.

• If you don’t have an image processing application, you can use free online ones like:

Do not resize up to a larger size, as this degrades the image quality.

If you are using a cell phone camera please select the largest file size possible. 

Preferred ARTWORK File Name: 

“last name_first name_ title.jpg.”  Example: “Raulston_Rhonda_Sunset.tif” 

Please name your photos BEFORE uploading. You cannot rename them on the form. 

Entry form link, or you can click on the orange ENTRY button.

Form Information:  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Leah Knecht

Photography and Exhibition Information:   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Larry Rogers