Pasadena Society of Artists

Fei Liu BIO


Fei Liu is a watercolor artist who has been living in Southern California since 1995. Although she began drawing and painting as a child, Fei had been out of college and running her own business for several years before she began to seriously consider becoming a professional painter. Traveling, and her growing fascination with flowers and plants of the desert southwest, inspired her to pick up her brushes again.

As her works began to find an audience, Fei began her professional transition, gradually closing down her import business and becoming a full-time artist. Today, whether at home at her desk or out in the field with her traveling palette, you can find her with a smile on her face and a brush in her hand.


Fei is a watercolor artist living in Pasadena, California. She loves painting because it's her most effective way to express feelings. In her art, she likes to create a mood or atmosphere.

Fei's subject matter is usually drawn from the things she loves and the world around her, such as flowers, plants, nature, and the people who inspire her. Fei tries to keep her life simple and so she chooses to work in a simple, light-weight medium: watercolor.